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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rare Sunday off. Found myself watching Karz. The Himesh one. Why did they have to take a bad film and remake it into a terrible one? Can you imagine being Dino Morea, dying, and then coming back as Himesh Reshammiya? It doesn't get worse than that.

Cracked up hearing Himesh clear this throat/nose when singing his ode to Om Shanti Om - Hari Om. Sounded like he was saying "Hurry home, hurry home".

And what's with his fetish for 15-year olds? And Raj Babbar looking like the discarded sardar from the mafia gang in Singhh is Kingg?

Bakhtyar is in the film too. First time I saw him anywhere other than Bigg Bosss 3 or that contraceptive ad. I half expected Vindoo to walk into the frame and slap him.

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