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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Old Monk fan club

Rum is good. Old Monk rum is very good. Seriously, leave the beer, gin and bloody marys be - this stuff is the best. You're going to have your white rum gang - Bacardi is good now and then - but for sitting around and doing jack, or to get the convo going, stick to the Monk. Its just got a different taste. (FYI: its the world's third largest selling brand of rum.)

I've tried various types of Bacardi, as well as Royal Stag and Captain Morgan's, and though I like some Jameson when I'm in the States, my loyalties lie with Old Monk. After I first tasted it, there was no going back. Its a religion. If straight up's your poison, drink up, but a little Thumbs Up or Coke ain't bad. Pepsi, nah. Too sweet. If you're up in the hills during winter, have it with hot water. If you're adventurous, add a drop of lemon squash. Nice.

I just recently came across a more expensive and better quality type called Old Monk Gold Reserve. Good stuff.

Whenever I'm up in Mussoorie, its the usual routine: get out the Monk, add some ice cubes, and a little cola, and chill. Sitting by the hearth, watching the flames dance and flicker on the orange-red coals lapping against the black stone, as the ice crackles and slips from its perch in the glass in your hand, your fingers tighten just that much...bliss.

Thats all I have to say, as I go pour myself another. Cheers.

1 comment:

pravk33 said...

Don't forget Thums Up is spelled without the "b". I agree with you completely. Old Monk with a little thums up equals bliss. I have introduced a lot of americans to old monk and they love it. It doesn't hurt that I can buy a bottle in india for Rs 180 .